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SRA Scheme

Slums have constituted an integral part of Mumbai's cityscape for several decades. With its potential to provide employment to a vast multitude, the city attracts a large number of people. Many of them stay in slum colonies for the lack of a better alternative.
Slum-dwellers stay in shanty structures in unhygienic environment, not by choice but by compelling circumstances as they were thrown out of the formal housing sector, the latter being expensive and much beyond their income levels. It is imperative to enhance their standard of living and for which an authorized dwelling unit is a first step in the right direction. This, in turn, will bring about a marked improvement in their hygiene and health as well as raise the level of public hygiene which has fallen to very low ebb.
Initial Stage
All slum dwellers residing on the plot prior to 1/1/1995 and are in use of the structure are eligible for rehabilitation.
1. At least 70% of the slum dwellers in a slum unite under a slum dwellers co-operative housing society.
2. They appoint a chief promoter. Collect share capital of Rs. 50/- per member and Re. 1/- as entrance fee. This is then deposited in the name of the proposed housing society in the Mumbai district central co-operative/ Maharashtra State co-operative bank ltd.
3. Documents regarding the title of the land are collected by the society. The plot is got measured and the slum structures are properly demarcated.
4. of structures on the plot is carried out and the structures are numbered on the plan. A table of house number as per plan and the name of the occupant is prepared.
5. A suitable developer is appointed by the society by a general body resolution. The developer appoints professionals like Architect/ Licensed surveyor; Structural engineer; etc.
6. The developer enters into individual agreements with all the slum dwellers agreeing to participate in the scheme.
7. A proposal enclosing requisite plans; annexures and documents is submitted by the architect to SRA.

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A consultant is basically a team of Architects, Civil Engineers and Legal Advisors...


SRA Scheme

Slums have constituted an integral part of Mumbai's cityscape for several decades.                         


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SRA Sccheme
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